1. The AGE LIMITS for this site are 14-18 If a staff member asks your age, you are required to answer. (Staff members may be older than 14.) 2.CHAT NAMES must be appropriate, as determined by the staff. 3. “CATFISHING” is not allowed. Using pictures of people who are not you is forbidden, unless they are famous people, and you don’t claim to be them. 4.SPAMMING / scrolling / flooding the chat rooms are not allowed. 5.Social media is allowed however Royal Chat will not be responsible for anything that happens outside of our site. 6.Do not post LINKS to any sites except YouTube and Giphy. 7.Do not discuss or promote OTHER CHAT SITES. 8.Please chat in ENGLISH in all rooms except the Multi-Language Room. Although we are an international site, not all staff members are multi-lingual. We cannot moderate what we cannot read. 9.Do not make ACCUSATIONS which cannot be proven by the accuser at the time they are made. 10.HARASSMENT, stalking, bullying, trolling, or blackmailing is not allowed. 11.Intimidation and THREATS are not allowed. 12.Do not mention HACKING another user’s account or the site itself or tracking someone’s IP.You will be banned from the site if you do. 13.Do not CLONE another user’s account. Using someone’s real picture without their permission is not allowed. 14.Do not discuss SUICIDE, death, wanting to die or SELF-HARM, such as cutting or choking. 15.SEXUAL or NUDE pictures, memes, gifs, and videos are forbidden. This includes animation such as hentai. Posting nude or pornographic material is an automatic ban. 16. Sexual language, or “DIRTY TALK” is not allowed. 17.RACIST, bigoted, HOMOPHOBIC, trans-phobic, sexist, or derogatory language and pictures are not allowed. This includes the Nazi symbol, the Rebel flag, the N-word, any vulgar term for a group of people based on culture, religion, nationality, etc. 18.Do not post pictures of real WEAPONS, violent crimes, GRAPHIC images, or use gang-related names or images. 19 SWEARING is allowed but please DO NOT INSULT OTHERS 20.Regarding PERSONAL INFORMATION, do not ask for or share phone numbers, addresses, your school, your parents’ workplace, or where you hang out at specific times. Do not share both your real first and last names. 21.Do not MINI-MOD. Do not disrespect, interfere with or hinder the staff. Do not disrespect or "bad mouth" the site itself. 22.This is not a DATING site. Do not ask random people for dates, boyfriends, or girlfriends. This may be considered rude in some cultures or make people uncomfortable. We are not saying you cannot date, but get to know each other and let a relationship happen naturally. Any violation to these terms will be actioned against Have Fun and enjoy the chat